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A New York Times Book Review Editor's Choice

“This collection, encompassing a spectrum of races, ethnicities, religions, sexualities, political beliefs and classes, could not be timelier. ... [O]pen this book, hear its chorus of voices and remember that we are a nation of individuals, bound to each other by our humanity."

—New York Times Book Review

" ... an honest portrait of the U.S., pieced together like an imperfect American quilt. We need more books like this."


Image by Gülfer ERGİN

Home is a loaded word, a complex idea. In this thought-provoking collection, 30 women explore the concept of home and how it makes, breaks and shapes us.


In personal essays about neighbors, marriage, kids, sentimental objects, homelessness, domestic violence, solitude, immigration, gentrification, geography and more, contributors — including Tara Conklin, Amanda Petrusich, Naomi Jackson, Jane Wong, and Jennifer Finney Boylan — lend a range of voices to this subject that remains at the core of our national conversations. What makes a home? What do equality, safety, and politics have to do with it? And why is it so important to us to feel like we belong?

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